Laser Cabinet

Laser Cabinet


Chicago 2012 – Workshop at ECAL




JAB – a bus stop game


Inverse Everything – No Friction

Knock Knock

A playful calculator designed for small children.
Knock out a calculation on the wood surface and it will knock back with the answer.

Installation: original wooden box, Arduino board, contact microphones, solenoids.

It was designed for the exhibition “Touch!” at MUDAC (Museum of design and contemporary art) in Lausanne in 2012.

This project was featured on:
Creative Applications, FastCo, Design Boom,, NotCot, It’s Nice That, Rolling Stone Russia, and more…

Design and development: Khalil Klouche
Tutor: Camille Scherrer
Video: Raphaëlle Müller, Khalil Klouche
Special thanks: Marc Wettstein, Louise Roy, Victor Roy, Douglas E. Stanley, Pierre Rossel



Khalil Klouche, M.A.
An interaction designer and a doctoral researcher in human-computer interaction.
My current research focuses on the design and evaluation of user interfaces for information exploration.
My background includes design, development and prototyping of playful systems, tangible devices, interactive installations, as well as graphic design and typography.

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, University of Helsinki.
Supervisor: Prof. Giulio Jacucci

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki.
Supervisor: Prof. Lily Diaz

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